Nuisance Abatement


The City's Nuisance Point Abatement program is a way to identify and correct chronic nuisance activity which can have a negative impact on the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhood. The program is designed to provide property owners and business owners an opportunity to partner with City staff to abate nuisance activity. If the responsible party fails to properly address and abate the nuisance activity and the number of points exceed the thresholds established in Section 3-15 of the City Charter, the City can initiate an action that can result in the closure of the property or business.

The City of Rochester has a Nuisance Abatement Point System intended to maintain the quality of life in its diverse neighborhoods. In the event of loud parties or other unreasonable behavior by tenants Landlords can be fined, or even be prohibited from renting a property. Please respect you neighbors and roommates by keeping your parties and activities respectful and within the law.