Advice To Student Housing Tenants: Keep Your Home Clean

The title might seem like it is directed just to student housing tenants but, honestly, this advice applies to everyone everywhere.  If you don't keep your personal space gets dirty.  Seems almost like the advice is sarcastic but it's actually that simple.

In other words...

If you want to make sure the creepy crawlies and the rodents don't show up it is always better to keep your apartment, home, or room clean.  Something most student's parents have probably told them countless times.

Clean up food spills and have no food left out for the mice to eat, including pet food and the crumbs and spills on the floor from eating around the home.  Use a wet cloth and household disinfectants, not just a vacuum.

Wash any dirty clothing in a washing machine in hot water any cloth items including blankets, rugs, and pillows. Steam any carpets if possible.

Avoid accumulating clutter. Clutter provides rodents and insects nesting areas and hiding spots. Extermination efforts are limited if the critters are hiding in boxes and personal belongings. Plastic bins and tubs can be utilized for storage..

Be aware of your living space at all times.  Are things out of place? Is there a mess somewhere? Clean it up.  The more litter and junk around, especially food, the more chance that an infestation can start.

Here is a quick rundown on how much time should be spent to ensure a living space stays clean.


Approximate time: Spend 10 minutes per bedroom


Approximate time: Spend 10 minutes per bathroom


Approximate time: Spend 15 minutes cleaning the kitchen.

Living Room

Approximate time: Spend 15-20 minutes(depending on the size) cleaning the living room

Staying on top of cleansiness is highly recommended otherwise, it is just more work a student will have to do later.  A little cleaning now can save a tenant a LOT of time in the future that could be better spent on the stuff they enjoy doing rather than janitorial work.