The New Faces Of Student Housing

Two generation of college students stand out.  One is fully immersed in college life and the other soon to be.

Millennials and their ‘live, work, play’ mind-state and seemingly carefree (or no care at all) way of approaching many situations in life

Next up are the Gen Z or iGen students... 

A different level of consumption and lifestyle behaviors are present with this generation. Compared to their predecessors, there are some similarities but there is heavy contrast as well.  Gen Zs, in particular, are digital natives, who are growing up in the Internet-dependent era and the smartphone world. Their accommodation needs are different and diverse as the likes and dislikes of these generations come into the light.

The lifestyle pattern of Millennials and Gen Zs have a strong desire to have ready access to fitness, recreational, socializing, and a variety of food options areas.  Foreign foods in particular.  Sushi and other east Asian delicacies are a hit with both Millennials and Gen Zs.  It is not uncommon to find them out and about at their favorite restaurant rather than home cooking.  A student housing facility located near a wide variety of restaurants is a hit with any group of millennials and GenZ'ers.

These generations are very purpose-driven, which means that their built space should contribute to the environment and society at large in a positive way (in their minds at least).  "Making an impact" is always on the mind of millennials.

The Gen Z accounting for more than 25 percent of the US population and the Millennials about 23 percent.

Now, universities are constantly micro-managing their budgets amid rising costs and lower government grants.  They generally lack in-depth expertise in managing student housing and more times than not, students turn to professional off-campus housing companies. Changing demographics add to universities’ challenges as many existing accommodations would become obsolete and may need an upgrade. Demographic trends and their impact on the student housing sector.

The millenial and GenZ generation cannot be taken lightly.  They are the present and future body of universities all across the United States.  As the demographics of services and institutions continue to change throughout the US it is important to note that all students are welcome as the RSSH.