Moving In/Moving Out Of Off-Campus Housing: A Rochester Smart Student Housing Guide

When students vacate rental units and new tenants move-in it can be quite busy and stressful for students who already have a lot on their mind.  After all, some of them are just beginning their higher education and they really don't need any extra aggravation so here at Rochester Smart Student Housing we decided to put together this helpful guide to make the experience of moving into off-campus housing much less stressful.

Start The Researching Student Housing Early

When students are considering living off-campus one of the worst things they can do is put off the process of looking for a good student housing company until the critical time when they desperately need a place.  Every student should begin looking for student housing months in advance.  If anything, there are other students who can easily secure a spot and fully fill up a student housing facility in no time.  Procrastination can keep a student from the wonderful experience of off-campus housing so it's best to start researching student housing companies in the area as soon as a student decides they want live off-campus during their time at their University.

Make A Move-In Checklist

It is advised that students write down what they will be bringing into their new off-campus home.  In the flurry of the new year forgetfulness is quite common.  It's a terrible feeling when a student final gets settled into their new student housing rental only to find out that they forgot a favorite item of theirs back home.  Sometimes their home is out of state making it extra difficult.  A list can avoid this.  With a proper checklist of everything the student is planning on bringing each item can be checked off one by one to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Digital Research

Google Maps is a great tool.  A student can learn their surroundings from the comfort of their laptop, desktop, or even their phone by googling their destination student rental home.  This can save time for a student trying to get a "feel for the area" once they initially move in.  Living in the digital era is a great opportunity for students to use technology to truly get a head start on their off-campus environment.  Time-consuming tasks associated with the process can handled online, which saves time.

 Make A Move-Out Checklist

Communication between the landlord and the tenants isn't always easy.  A move-out checklist can make things a lot easier. Security deposit disputes can totally be avoided by providing a move-out checklist with vacating expectations for the accommodation. It’s recommended to provide this move-out checklist at least a few weeks in advance, so the tenants have Proper notice about what they must complete before moving out.  Like the move-in checklist, this will help forgetful students a great deal.

Junk/Furniture Removal

When student tenants don’t plan or make arrangements to remove junk items they start showing up outside of the rental property and in the street, cluttering up the area and causing a headache for the student housing landlord. Scheduling junk and furniture removal early is a surefire way to save a lot of time and trouble and it keeps the premises clean.
Following this short guide will ensure any student seeking out off-campus housing will have a stress-free experience from start to finish.