U of R Quick Resource Guide

The following information is useful for U of R students.  These resources cover health, public safety, and crime prevention.  They are designed to aid students in all kinds of situations for the purpose of safe guarding and promoting and a safe and healthy student life.

Department of Public Safety

Established in 1967.  The purpose of this department is ultimately crime prevention and law enforcement. Outreach, education, and close partnerships with members of the community on all of the campuses is promoted regularly.  At the U of R reported crime at the university is relatively low but this also mean it is not non-existent.  It is important for all students to do their part and report any suspicious or criminal activity.  If need be, contact the Department of Public Safety at 585-275-3333.

University Health Service

If you want full time Rochester NY student health insurance, these are the people you contact.  The UHS offers a wide range of services including therapy groups, HPV vaccines, flu shots, and even health insurance for full time students. As well as offering health services to students the UHS also participates in the education and research missions of the University. Call the UHS for student health concerns or questions: (585) 275-2662

Environment Health & Safety

The EH&S department at the University of Rochester ensures total compliance with University and regulatory standards.

Their key areas are as follows:

  • Emergency Management     
  • Environmental Compliance     
  • Fire Safety
  • Laboratory Safety     
  • Occupational Safety
  • Pest Control     
  • Radiation Safety     
  • Sanitation

The EH&S believes a clean and safe university promotes happiness and wellness and does everything in it's power to ensure the University of Rochester continue to abide by all regulations and stays up to code with all environmental health and safety protocols. Contact EH&S at (585)275-3241 for any questions or concerns.

University Facilities and Services

The University of Rochester takes pride in it's building structures and University infrastructure.  The following departments are all a key component to ensure the U of R continues to provide the best environment for higher education for it's students year round.

The U of R offers a wide range of facilities and services.  They are the following:

  • River Campus Operations
  • Medical Center Operations
  • Planning & Project Management
  • Central Utilities & Energy
  • Finance & Human Resources
  • University Mail Services
  • Support Operations
  • Parking & Transportation


Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

The University of Rochester is committed to creating a safe and health environment.  The University provides the following information for sexual assault and harassment incidents:

Call 911
Call University Public Safety: 585-275-3333
Dial #413 on campus blue phones
24-hour Confidential Resources:
University Counseling Center 585-275-3113
Available to University students
The Center provides mental health support 24 hours a day. All calls with a UCC counselor     are confidential.

RESTORE Sexual Assault Services
    Call the 24-hour confidential hotline for information and support.

RESTORE is not affiliated with the University of Rochester and reports made to RESTORE are confidential and will not be shared with the University.


Please use this resource guide as a quick go-to information resource to address any needs, concerns, or questions you might have while receiving your education at the University of Rochester.  RSSH believes all students at the University of Rochester have a right to a good education in a safe and healthy setting that should be enforced and protected by the proper corresponding departments at the U of R.