Student vs Student: Student Housing Conflicts

A good student housing landlord knows how to handle student conflict.  It's not hard to imagine young people fighting in this day and age so it's best to be prepared for it.  Many landlords believe that it isn’t their responsibility to mediate conflicts between roommate but this simply is not true. After all, these students are on the landlord's property, no their own.  It is in a student housing landlord's best interest to make sure the students staying in his or her student housing rental homes are acting safe and responsible without causing any conflicts for other students.  However, this often proves easier said than done.

Every Battle Is Won Before It is Ever Fought - The Art of War | Sun Tzu

Students who don't know each other and live together can possibly be a recipe for disaster.  Because of this, it may be a good idea to group friends and acquaintances together.  A good landlord will speak to his or her student renters and get to know them a little better.  Picking up personality traits is a good way to prevent a problem before one occurs.  Learning about who the students are can give a landlord a better idea about who to group them with if roommates are required for the tenant lease.  

A conflict arises.  Now what?

It’s important to ensure that current tenants are happy and enjoy their accommodations.  To accomplish this a good landlord will try their best to meet their student's demands and by finding a group of compatible tenants.  In other words, students who don’t have conflicting lifestyles.  If conflict does arise? A prompt response and a talk with each student involved in the conflict individually.  If anything, a lie can be detected much quicker this way and a flat out lie about circumstances or at least not revealing the whole truth about the situation is more times than not, the reason a conflict erupts in the first place.

Finding Compatible Student Tenants

By implementing a more thorough student tenant screening and interviewing process, the "right" student home renters can be matched up. By asking planned, well-thought out questions,  a good read on potential tenants can be achieved. This can also give a landlord an idea on whether or not a problem will arise from a particular tenant.

Roommate Agreements

Although, not legally binding, a roommate agreement can save a lot of time and frustration for everyone.   Roommate agreements provide positive framework for tenant relations and promote a friendly environment for each and every student tenant.  A roommate agreement can be in the form of a document that each student tenant must sign and can detail things like how to divide chores, rules for having guests, and other common issues which can cause conflict between roommates.

Not every student tenant situation will be perfect but here at Rochester Smart Student Housing we strive to make sure that each and everyone of our tenants are safe, secure, and happy with their accommodations and their roommates.