How College Students In Rochester NY Stay Motivated

It's not hard to have fun in Rochester (despite what some people may say).  East Avenue alone is host to a handful of bars, clubs, and restaurants that have often served as the stomping ground for college students in the city.  One of the advantages of living in a small city is that everything is relatively close.  10 minutes will get you anywhere you need to be in Rochester and for college students looking for entertainment this is quite the treat.

The problem arises with motivation.  How can a Rochester NY college student stay motivated when the city is close and open to all kinds of exciting locales.  All too often, rather than getting their homework done, college students in Rochester enjoy a night out.  Repeatedly "blowing off" work for fun is a sign that a student is losing motivation.  So, what can a University of Rochester student do about sustaining motivation? The following tips have proven to be useful to help college students get back on track from a lack of motivation.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is crucial for college students (even though students are known to get less sleep than most others).  Staying up late will cost any student in the morning, especially if they have a ton of work they need to get done.  Although it can be hard to get 8 hours sleep, a student should aim for 6 hours of sleep at the absolute minimum.  Any less than this can really start taking a toll on a student's energy and , thus, affect their motivation negatively.  The key is trying to get to bed.  If a student usually hits the sack at 12:00 at night they should try for 11 or 10 and so on.  Little changes in a sleep schedule can go a long way.

Work Before Play

It's no secret that when a student has a big project or even a small homework assignment lingering in their mind that they can't fully focus on whatever they are currently involved with.  This repeated cycle of procrastination can be mentally exhausting for students so the following advice is really a no-brainer: Work first.  Play second.  When a student is all caught up with their work they experience a certain peace of mind that a procrastinator does not.  This peace of mind helps with motivation while procrastinating has the opposite effect.  The more a student procrastinates, the less motivated they are until they reach the point where they just want to give up.

Keep A List

Whatever a student is trying to accomplish in a given month, week, or even a day, writing it done has proven to be helpful.  The act alone of transcribing the goal is empowering and will help a student focus on the task at hand and get it done.  Just thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done can be daunting for a student which can negatively affect motivation.  A list helps to stay organized and can help fend off procrastination, which is a huge motivation killer for University students.

Eat Right. Drink Right.

Eating fast food and junk food and drinking sugar-filled drinks like pop will only tire out a college student from lack of proper nutrition "sugar crashes." When a student needs to quench their thirst they should stick with water.  For college students aged 21 and older, drinking alcohol excessively can sap energy over time.  Regular hangovers will wear anyone down.  If a student does enjoy an alcoholic beverage it's important to do so in moderation and not to the point where it will affect your academic life on a day to day basis.  Without maintaining a proper diet a student will lose energy over time and this will easily result in a loss of motivation.