The Most Important Things in Student Housing: The Millennials' Perspective 

RSSH recently conducted a survey asking it's residence what they care about most when it comes to student housing and the answers may be a surprise to many.  So, without further adieu, here are 6 things 2018 college students care about most when they are considering off-campus housing.


Adequate Shelter

More amenities are now considered necessities.  Technology has increased the quality of life for humans but it also cost a great deal and student housing property managers and owners alike must be prepared to meet the demands that modern day student renters require. Good quality and furniture and a useful design gives students a space for their digital devices for charging purposes.

Peace and Quiet

How can you study if you don't have Peace and Quiet.  This one is a no-brainer.
Millenials don't like a lot of noise.  They want quiet environments especially in private.  Student housing in busy loud areas is not a preferred location for millenials unless it is a specifically requested area where loud noise is normal (ie. a large city).  This tends to be more a of a location aspect rather than an actual building factor, although, design elements do play a part.  Thin walls and celings make it easy for disruptive noise to travel throughout the home.


Locks, locks, locks, and more locks.  A safe student home is imperative so a properly maintained lock system for all doors (and desk drawers in some cases) is an absolute must.  High quality lighting can also be considered a safety plus since burglars are less likely to enter a brightly lit area. Of course, the actual location of the student housing complex is the mains factor here.  Nobody wants to live in a bad neighborhood including students.


A clean, safe environment helps give a sense of achievement respect.  Off-campus students don't want to feel like they are in student housing.  They want to feel like they are home, especially if it's their first year at college.  Students want to be in a community where people respect each other.  Millennials, in particular, ask for a high level of respect in all situations.
These are what millennials have spoken out about when it comes to a preferred student housing location.  Today, a student housing landlord must go above and beyond to meet students' needs in a fast paced digital world.

At Rochester Smart Student Housing we pride ourselves on creating a rich student housing experience that will satisfy millennials at all level and ensure they will feel comfortable, safe, and happy in our student rental homes.