New Renovations At Rochester Smart Student Housing

$100,000 dollar renovations have been continuing this year as RSSH continues to improve and aspire to be the best student housing service in Rochester New York.  Below are just some of the examples of renovation work that has been happening since 2018 started.


The team at RSSH has done a complete remodeling job complete with all new sinks, countertops, and cupboards.  Some kitchens in select student rental homes have been opened up for more space, overall "growing" the interior of the enire living space.  At RSSH we believe a safe, sanitary kitchen space is essential for a student who needs optimal living conditions for a healthy student life.


A clean, sanitary bathroom is an absolute MUST for any student renter and we understand this.  Multiple rental properties have already received a new bathroom redesign, complete with all new fixtures and new bathroom project renovations are underway, ensuring both present and future student renters will recieve the best student housing available in Rochester, NY.  The plumbing has been worked on as well and everything pretty much sparkles at this point. 


All new wood flooring has been installed in every Rochester Smart Student Housing home along with brand new staircase and banisters, also wood.  Some student homes even have rubber step mats, ensuring occupant safety when traversing stairs in a busy frenzy (we know how students can be running late for class from time to time).  Many student houses also have brand new furniture including couches, tables, chairs, desks, and a plethora of other furnishings to make all new students feel right at home. 


An extensive overhaul of Rochester Smart Student Housing homes' lighting system has commenced since the beginning of this year and all homes are in the process of getting all new LED lighting systems.  A high quality lighting system is a requirement for any college student because who can do homework in the dark?


All new siding on many RSSH rental homes speaks for itself, loud and clear.  Let our homes exteriors reflect what your striving to achieve during your college life in Rochester.  Rent a home you can be proud to have friends and family over to.  Rochester Smart Student Housing continues to strive for excellence in the student housing industry.


All Rochester Smart Student homes have sturdy, reliable roofs to ensure leaks, or worse, collapses absolutely won't happen.  Our renters can sleep with peace of mind underneath our roofs and be protected from leaks from rainy weather or snow.

Renovations Will Be Ongoing

As we continue to expand and grow to be the best student housing service in Rochester NY, the RSSH will continue to renovate and improve upon our rental properties.  We have a lot of exciting projects planned for 2018 so make sure you secure your rental property for the 2018-2019 school year while their are still vacancies.

Have suggestions on what you would like to see in a home?

Contact Rochester Smart Student Housing today and let us know what you want.